At Covenant Love Community School, we strive to create a dynamic academic environment founded on the truth of Scripture. Within this Christ-centered atmosphere, we promote excellence, integrated learning, and godly values that encourage students to continue learning and seeking Christ throughout their lives.

CLCS in Ithaca philosophyWe believe that education starts in the home: we are educational partners with parents as we provide academic training for their children. A cooperative educational network of home, school, and church enables our teachers to train their students effectively.

Covenant Love Community School in Ithaca

Children blossom in our interactive learning environment. Teachers instruct children with regard to their individ

ual gifts, abilities, personalities, and learning styles. As they provide academic training, they also shower our students with love and acceptance. We promote a family atmosphere where children can develop their personal identity while gaining an understanding of their unique place in the school and in the broader community.

Our curriculum seeks to address all areas of child development: spiritual, intellectual, physical, creative, emotional, and social. As teachers follow the example of Jesus as Master Teacher, they choose the appropriate methods according to their professional and spiritual discernment.

As a result, CLCS offers a unique synthesis of academic instruction, spiritual encouragement, and character education that enables students to thrive.

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