music classes at Covenant Love Community School in Ithaca

At CLCS, we offer music classes for grades 3-8, taught by Joe Salzano, a local, professional musician. With his dynamic personality and over four decades of teaching experience, Mr. Salzano shares the fundamentals of music in the context of a Biblical understanding of music as a form of worship to the Lord.

Students learn basic vocal and instrumental skills, theory and technique, music history and appreciation in an atmosphere of affirmation. They are encouraged to cultivate their creativity through musical improvisation, to explore diverse and unique ways of experiencing God through music and sound, and to form and strengthen skills in composition and songwriting. Through the preparation and performance of musical presentations for our School Programs, Open House, and Year-End Celebration, students gain confidence to use music personally and corporately to, “worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” (Psalm 100:2 NIV)

Photo credits: Austin Kirk and  Horia Varlan. Some rights reserved. Flickr Creative commons commercial license