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New for the 2016/2017 school year!
CLCS is offering a one day per week Hybrid-Homeschool option. This allows homeschoolers in our area to experience a larger school setting while still being in a safe, nurturing environment.

The classes offered during our Hybrid-Homeschool Wednesdays are:

Bible This class is taught topically, with a scripture lesson and application included.  We strive to make our Bible times relevant and engaging for the students.  Our school uses the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible.

Music Joe Salzano teaches music to grades 3-8.  His class includes Bible study, worship music (singing and instrumental), songwriting, and instruction in musical technique and theory.  Instrumental lessons may be available outside of the scheduled class time.  Students will need their own instruments if they are taking lessons, but because of Joe’s connection with Hickey’s music store, he can arrange for rentals at a very reasonable cost.  For the younger children, music class will be age-appropriate and less structured.  This class will introduce early music concepts through rhythm, vocal and movement techniques.

Physical Education  Younger students will receive developmentally appropriate instruction in skill development and fitness activities.  This class will also include body, spatial and movement awareness.  Games and fun activities are an integral part of each class period.  Older students engage in skill development and have the opportunity to play team games in class.  They also prepare for the Presidential Fitness Test in May.

Library Students may check out books from our school library.  We have a large, carefully chosen and curated selection of books and other media.  If the schedule permits, students will also enjoy a read-aloud selection and learn library skills.

Art is a project-based, multimedia program providing students the opportunity to work with many different materials and techniques.  Our art teacher, Kathy Mead, is very skilled and creative, and she brings out the best in each of her students.

Spanish is a language exposure/culture class, taught by Tonika Jones, with curriculum dependent on the age of the student.  Younger students will receive an introduction to basic vocabulary (greetings, alphabet, colors, numbers, etc.).  Hybrid-Homeschool students in the upper grades will be taught more challenging subject matter at an introductory level.  If this subject is of greater interest to the family, we are happy to discuss more comprehensive options that might include tutoring or other work outside the one-day timeframe.

Environmental Education Hybrid-Homeschool students learn alongside our full-time students in grade-appropriate groups.  This class will primarily focus on our wetlands and bird study.  We are very enthused about the partnerships we are making with the Lab of Ornithology, Lime Hollow Nature Center and others.  We are learning to be “earth-keepers”, honoring God in the way we steward the resources He has given us.  Portions of the class will involve yard mapping, identification and classification of local flora and fauna, and environmental stewardship.  We plan to expand our garden as well as make our own maple syrup again this year!

Hybrid-Homeschool Environmental Education 2016
There is no registration deadline, and space availability is on a first-come, first served basis.
We plan to offer all the grades in which we have full-time classes.  That would currently include Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.
One-time payments can be made directly to the school.  We collect bi-annual and monthly tuition payments through FACTS Management, an online service that handles the tuition of over 12,000 schools and colleges.  We’ve been pleased with their system and find it a beneficial resource for both our school and our families.  FACTS Management can set you up for monthly payments that make the tuition more manageable.  Normally there would be a $50 fee to sign up for these monthly payments as a part-time family, but because this is our pilot year for the Hybrid-Homeschool program, we will absorb that cost.  You can find out more about how it works by going to “visit FACTS website.”
Each child will need a change of shoes, preferably P.E. sneakers, to use inside the school.  Outdoor shoes are removed in the morning and are only put on for recess and other outdoor activities.  Boots will be necessary for any wetland walks.  A complete change of clothing in his/her backpack is always a good idea, especially as the weather turns wet.  Supplies needed for Spanish and the Outdoor Classroom are not yet determined, and would be dependent on age/grade.  It is likely that older students will need a folder, notebook, and pens/pencils for those classes.  The school will provide a sturdy communication folder for each child.  We will use that folder to send notes to you, and you can use it to communicate with the school.
Students will need to bring a snack each day.  We will be offering our Pizza Lunch on Wednesdays this year.  This lunch includes plain or pepperoni pizza, juice/milk, fruit/vegetable and dessert.  An order form will be sent out early in the school year and a monthly payment is made directly to the office.  Pizza Lunch is a fundraiser to help our oldest students attend their annual 8th grade trip to Virginia Beach.  If you prefer not to participate, your child is welcome to bring a bag lunch.  We have microwaves and other essentials available.
Yes, we have an After School Program. We offer care from 3:00 – 5:30 each full school day.  There are options for 1/2 days and school vacations as well.  Please go to Forms and Financial Information and click on the After School & General Forms tab for  more information.