Covenant Love Community School annually hosts the  Love Your Neighbor Project, a Serve-a-thon event. In addition to meeting financial needs, the Serve-a-thon is an opportunity to reach out to the community by offering practical assistance and sharing the love of Jesus.

We start the Serve-a-thon with a kick-off event when our students send out sponsorship letters to family, friends, and community members.  Donations received through the student’s efforts support the vision of CLCS: “Our graduates are servant leaders transforming the world”.

The culmination of the Serve-a-thon fundraising season takes place in May.   The entire school, including family members, friends, and CLCS alumni, embark on two days of community service. The weekend concludes with a celebration dinner for all participants.   Check out the 2012 Opening Ceremony Album

Sites for past projects have included