“Because we are made in the image of God the creator, we are destined to be creators of images and stories.” ~Richard B. Hays

Art is an integral part of the curriculum at CLCS. Students learn about form, color, and other elements of design. They practice using various media, such as tempera and watercolor paint, oil pastels, clay, textiles, yarn, and collage materials. Classroom curriculum is integrated with projects for concept reinforcement, and students are encouraged to practice their new-found skills while expressing themselves creatively.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso

Mrs. Kathy Mead, who teaches Art to grades PreK – 8, has developed a vast repertoire of projects.  As students progress through the grades, instruction is broadened to include more advanced skills and techniques with materials, basic color-theory, and an introduction to art history and appreciation. Because of the supportive classroom atmosphere, students know that it’s alright to take risks. Even those who hesitate to try new projects find that they can produce exceptional work with encouragement from Mrs. Mead and their peers.

In May, we celebrate the accomplishments of the art and music students during the school-wide Art Show. A wide variety of work from each student is displayed, and students end the year confident in their ability to create and appreciate art.

Projects in Primary A

Letter-themed projects such as “decorated dotted dump trucks,” “flashy, feathered fish,” and “marvelous, macaroni mice.”

CLCS Art Primary A artwork

Projects in Primary B

Fabric bowls, Lewis & Clark expedition bags, snowflake prints, self-portraits, clay sculpture…

CLCS Art 1st & 2nd grade art project

Projects in Grades 3 & 4

Printmaking, veggie art, stick weaving, 3-D Van Gogh rooms, clothesline collages…

CLCS Art 3rd & 4th grade art project

Projects in Grades 5 & 6

Batik, printmaking, tie die, veggie art, pottery at Jan Parson’s studio…

CLCS Art 5th & 6th grade color theory

Projects in Grades 7 & 8

Still life compositions, perspective drawings, pottery at Jan Parson’s studio, weaving, collage landscapes…

CLCS Art 7th & 8th grade ceramics

Teacher Resources

  • Arts and Activities Publishers’ Development Corp.
  • Discovering Great Artists MaryAnn F. Kohl
  • Scholastic Art Scholastic Inc.
  • The Usborne Book of Art Ideas Scholastic Inc.
  • School Arts David Publications
  • Scribble Cookies Mary Ann F. Khol
  • Barrons Educational Series (artists):
  • Leonardo DaVinci Lawrence Arholt
  • Degas and the Little Dancer Lawrence Arholt
  • The Magical Garden of Claud Monet Lawrence Arholt
  • The Girl with the Ponytail Lawrence Arholt
  • Many Children’s Book Illustrations