clcs alumni andrew lytle

Andrew Lytle
2010 CLCS Graduate

3D Digital Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

CLCS alumni, Andrew Lytle, grew up in an environment of creativity. His father, Wayne Lytle, is the founder of Animusic, an American musical computer animation company. Andrew obviously has the same proclivity towards creative animation!

Andrew Lytle graduated from CLCS in 2010, was homeschooled for High School, and attended Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3), where he was awarded the President’s Citation. After graduating with his Associate’s degree, he transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he is majoring in 3D Digital Design. Andrew is also planning to minor in Game Design and Creative Writing. “Being at RIT is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I belong and I’m meant to be here, and it’s all because of God’s guidance and provision that I made it here at all.” This year he’s working at an on-campus Motion Capture lab, and expects to graduate in Fall of 2019. He plans to work in the games industry, but would also enjoy working at  Dreamworks or Pixar. “I’m willing to go anywhere that God may lead me,” Andrew says.

While at TC3, Andrew was involved in three special projects. In the Spring of 2016, he created a capstone project for New Media. His game prototype utilized a 3D virtual environment and a 3D printed peripheral object, both of which guided the player through the virtual environment. In the Fall of 2016, after his department purchased an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset, Andrew created a 3D animated short for the VR about a boy with auditory-visual synesthesia. Finally, he was involved in a class at TC3 which created museum exhibits for the Ithaca History Center, and their Tompkins County bicentennial event, April 2017.

Andrew feels that having the foundation of a Christian education has helped him to continue pursuing God throughout his educational career.