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21 10, 2018

Oh, What A Harvest!

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What a harvest, as school began in the fall of 2018! Here's what we grew throughout the summer of 2018 and into October, in our productive and beautiful school gardens at CLCS: red raspberries, butternut squash, gourds, acorn squash, pattypan squash, Indian corn, onions, roma tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, purple and green basil, blue lake [...]

21 10, 2018

Pollinators in the Garden!

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The CLCS Gardens grew abundantly this year, and we saw many pollinators in the garden, during the autumn of 2018. Some of the milkweed we planted last year survived, and we had monarch caterpillars feasting on the leaves! The mix of flowers was truly lovely. The children planted sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds, cleome, zinnias, echinacea and [...]

7 03, 2018

Environmental Education in 7th & 8th

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Ian Bateman has been working with the 7th & 8th graders at CLCS since the fall, on various outdoor projects during Environmental Education. They have been exploring and clearing trails to make them more accessible, surveying the local plants and animals, and checking and doing upkeep on the Bluebird boxes that were installed during [...]

12 11, 2017

Primary B Environmental Education

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A Wetland Adventure! "If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder...he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in." ~Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder [...]

3 06, 2017

The Story of a Painted Turtle Hatchling

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The Primary B students love turtles! Last Wednesday, the class of first and second graders was captivated by a Painted Turtle hatchling that their teacher, Mrs. Becker, brought to school. The young scientists made detailed drawings of the turtle hatchling as it swam in a large bin filled with pond water, rocks and water plants. [...]

16 03, 2017

CLCS Environmental Education in 1st & 2nd grade 2016-2017

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Mrs. Becker takes her first and second graders outside all year long! The school property is filled with an abundance of fascinating plant and animal life just waiting to be discovered and investigated by the curious minds and hearts of our students. The first and second graders particularly enjoyed exploring along a path leading from [...]