Welcome to High School!


Our pioneer class starts 9th grade this year and will continue to lead the way as our high school grows each year until graduation. Students follow a block schedule of semesters to allow for easy integration with college classes at TC3 and Regents exams taken in January or June, at the conclusion of required courses.

A hallmark of our high school classes is the integration of content areas with English Language Arts. This allows students to explore history through a variety of primary sources and canonical literature. Narrative, informative, and argumentative writing are seamlessly integrated with science and history content areas. With a goal of college and career readiness, our teachers focus on reading, listening, critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills in all aspects of learning. 

Integrating our content areas also allows our instruction to be project based, utilizing the power of hands-on, cooperative learning to deepen student understanding and application of new concepts. Our whole-child approach to learning culminates in an independent study project each spring that students design and implement with the support of a cross curricular faculty mentor. 

Students in 9th grade enjoy traditional academic core subjects in addition to Spanish, Environmental Education, PE, Bible, Music, and Art.

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CLCS ninth grade teacherMrs. Alyssa Yengo

A class of 1992 alumni, Alyssa returned to CLCS as a teacher in 2020. She previously taught a variety of grades and subjects across the country, while following her husband’s military career. With a BA in Geography and Economics and an MA in Education, Alyssa is the homeroom teacher for 9th grade, and teaches ELA and Global History. A mother to three daughters, Alyssa enjoys spending time with her family, running, gardening, and cooking. 

Adolescence is a time for students to grow in their independence. With that in mind, the focus of our Bible class is development of maturing spiritual practices, including personal Bible study, prayer and fasting, worship, and ministry.

During the fall semester, students incorporate ELA and Global History I. Classic texts are studied, including “Romeo and Juliet,” “The Canterbury Tales,” and “Oedipus, the King,” both as literature, and as works that reflect the historical period in which they were created.  Exploring history through literature offers a wide range of opportunities for narrative, biographical, and academic writing.

Spring semester in ELA partners with Earth Science. Students sharpen their nonfiction reading and writing skills to include argumentative and informative writing, culminating in an independent study project. 

Students study the New York State Algebra curriculum in preparation for the Regents Exam. During the spring, students integrate statistical analysis into their Earth Science independent study projects.

In preparation for the 10th grade Global History and Geography Regents, students in 9th grade study history and geography from the origins of the universe through 1750. Three frames (community, networks, and production and distribution) serve to compare eras and cultures from around the world. Common themes include comparison, causation, and claim testing. 

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Our High School level Spanish classes focus on the development of communicative language skills including listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Emphasis is on perfecting pronunciation, mastery of basic grammatical structures, and increased communicative proficiency.  Students will also explore a variety of culture-related topics including various people groups, geography, historical figures, music, cuisine, and more.



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