The CLCS Gardens grew abundantly this year, and we saw many pollinators in the garden, during the autumn of 2018. Some of the milkweed we planted last year survived, and we had monarch caterpillars feasting on the leaves! The mix of flowers was truly lovely. The children planted sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds, cleome, zinnias, echinacea and cosmos, to name a few. We have been trying to attract insects and birds, and it’s so encouraging to see a wide variety of pollinators in the garden.

The gardens at CLCS are an integral part of the environmental ed program. Environmental Education (EE) is a weekly class for PreK through 8th grade. Classes meet outdoors, in all kinds of weather, to explore the numerous habitats on our large CLCS property, including the garden. As the students observe, collect data, monitor and document, they also learn about the environment and its interconnected systems.To read more about place based education and environmental ed at CLCS go here.

Picking #flowers #tomatoes and #basil in the #schoolgardens at #clcs! #growingfood #gardens #realfood #outdoorclassroom