Art: Our God is a creative God, and we seek to honor Him through the arts. CLCS’s Art teacher, Mrs. Kathy Mead, has developed a vast repertoire of projects using paint, collage, clay, and more. During Art class, children are encouraged to discover new areas of creative expression. Even those who hesitate to try new projects find that they can produce exceptional artwork with encouragement from Mrs. Mead and their peers.We celebrate the talent of our students during the Art Show at the end of the year.

CLCS Library

Library: Reading is essential for growing minds, so we offer a well-rounded book selection that appeals to readers of all ages: picture books, easy readers, young adult fiction, and a variety of non-fiction materials. The library continually expands its offerings to meet the interests and needs of our students. In addition to books, the library contains CDs, DVDs, and videos.

Students in PreK through Grade 6 have supervised library time with Mrs. Jeannie Chisman each week. Grades 7 and 8 students may go to the library during their study hall. Students can check out library books for two weeks at a time; they can check out CDs and DVDs for one week at a time. Also, we have a number of adult resources available for parents.

The library is funded through donations and our annual Christmas book sale.

Gail Felker teaches Music to our PreK – 2nd graders. Classes are lively and interesting, and children take part enthusiastically. Introductory lessons on rhythm, note recognition, simple melodies, and instrument identification are taught alongside appreciation for the early composers. There is singing and movement each week, and preparation for school programs.

Robert Reynolds-Turnage teaches music to our 3rd – 8th graders, students learn basic vocal and instrumental skills, theory and technique, music history and appreciation in an atmosphere of affirmation. They are encouraged to cultivate their creativity through musical improvisation, to explore diverse and unique ways of experiencing God through music and sound, and to form and strengthen skills in composition and songwriting.


Physical Education: Our physical education classes allow students to get exercise as they play sports like soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, and volleyball. We encourage students to develop their coordination skills and to practice good sportsmanship, regardless of their athletic abilities. We make fitness fun through events like Track Day and Field Day as well as our ice skating program in the winter.

CLCS also participates in the President’s Challenge physical fitness program, which inspires students to meet national standards in speed, flexibility, agility, strength, and endurance.  We recognize students’ athletic accomplishments at our end-of-school celebration.

God has blessed us with life in a diverse and rapidly globalizing world. At CLCS we believe it is important to introduce our students to the richness of God’s creativity, as well as to enable them to share His love upon whatever path God leads them. Miss Tonika Jones keeps these things in mind as she introduces the Spanish language to students in PreK – Grade 8. All students at CLCS participate in the Spanish language program and come away from their time with Miss Jones with a solid and practical knowledge of the language.

We are also pleased to offer a Latin class for High School students, taught by Deborah Miller.  Our Latin classes utilize Lingua Latina to immerse our students in learning culture, grammar, and vocabulary inductively in the context of engaging and interesting stories. Students begin reading, translating and speaking on day one and grow in fluency quickly. As students gain proficiency, they begin reading original texts classical notes and Donates’s Ars Grammatica. 

CLCS Spanish class