Why give?

Dear CLCS Supporter,

I recently heard a speaker from Africa share about the value of children. In his culture, the health of the community was assessed based on the health and well-being of their youngest members. Whenever men of a village returned from a trip, their first question was always, “How are the children?” They understood that the village would be fine if the children were well. Your investment in the children of our school indicates that you share this perspective.

Our purpose is to partner with families to build godly character in children through relationships, service and academic excellence. In short, we desire to create healthy villages by ensuring that children are equipped to be student leaders who will transform the world! We are calling on you to assist us in this mission through your financial support.

Thank you for assisting us in equipping a new generation of student leaders!

Barbara Phelps
On behalf of Covenant Love Community School

A quality Christian education has a cost.

As with any educational institution, tuition alone does not meet our continuing fiscal needs. We practice financial responsibility by holding annual fundraising events and using high-quality volunteer staffing to supplement paid faculty positions.

We rely on the devotion, hard work, and financial support of individuals like you.

Will you join us in continuing the Lord’s work of raising up Godly student leaders who will transform our world?